Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Campervan and Motor home Racing

I saw the refreshment campervans set outside the main parking area of the racetrack only to realise they would be completely demolished later on today in a petrol fuelled rage.

The office was no longer going to make a captive of me as I decided to venture into the fast paced world of Campervan and Motor home Racing. My friend who has obviously enjoyed too much time amongst petrol fumes had convinced me to join him for the day.

I've never been much of the racer type with my Toyota corolla and knew today would be unlike anything I had experienced. My friend appeared to implode with excitement as he talked about caravan racing, "It couldn't be a greater day for some caravan demolishing!" - He shouted.

Before the caravan racing, there were three other races. First up was the "ministox" which I was surprised to learn, involved 10 year olds racing around in souped up minis. I would have been happy to do a handstand at 10 years of age.

Following the ministox was the Rookie Bangers. These guys are more experienced and stupid. I would call them the clowns of the track. As soon as they came out it was a complete car crash. The metal chassis seemed to be magnetised to each other. They couldn’t stop crashing! It was a hilarious show of demented speeding cars. I don’t know whether it was the petrol fumes rewiring my brain but I couldn’t stop laughing.

Once the racing clowns had cleared the track, out came the craziest of them all. The caravan racers! It was the most destructive and bizarre event I had ever seen. It seemed the objective was to completely obliterate your caravan to your racing advantage. As they came around the bend towards us, a caravan was literally thrown into the air as it impacted into the side of another caravan and came flipping towards the fence. It was like being on the scene of a twisted action movie.

At the end of the race, lied the battle remains of the petrol fuelled carnage. I learned why this was the last race of the day.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Zealands Best Surfing Site

If you can't already tell, im a huge surfing fan. I've been to pretty much every surfing site around New Zealand. The waves in New Zealand are quite timid compared to the titans of Hawaii, Australia, California and the like. But don’t get me wrong, there are usually decent waves if you can put up with the freezing waters. There are also some world class competitions hosted in New Zealand that attract competitors from all around the globe. Most people don't come to New Zealand specifically to surf but if you do make a trip its worth checking it out. New Zealand’s narrow landscape means that you can easily cross from coast to coast, surf to surf. No matter where you are there should be a good break near you. My favourite surfing site in New Zealand has got to be Raglan. You can't mention surfing in New Zealand without mentioning Raglan.

Most would say Raglan is "New Zealands prime surfing spot." Located on the west coast of the North Island and about 2 hours south of Auckland, Raglan is definitely a great attraction for all levels of surfers. The Raglan surfing school offers great surfing packages for beginners and intermediate levels. There is plenty of accommodation near the beach and makes for a great environment. The population of the town is 3500. The prime time to enjoy raglan is definately in the summer as the tourists flood to enjoy the relaxing surf and sun.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jobs Can be Fun

After graduating, I found it hard to get motivated to do anything about my nursing career. During my nursing studies we did apply practical and theoretical skills. This was encouraging and got me motivated to work. I know there are a lot of jobs out there for us nurses but I can’t seem to get motivated enough to seriously grab the opportunities and begin my career.

Since finishing my 3 year course I seem to just want to chilax, sleep in till lunch time (there’s nothing like lunch for breakfast) and maybe go to the beach if the weather is nice. This sluggish routine is actually getting quite draining and boring. The thought of working and getting a job is actually appearing quite fun and exciting.

I’m beginning to search for job opportunities in Australia, England and Singapore. Basically I want to move away from New Zealand and set base camp in an english speaking country. To me, this sounds very exciting and the thought of a job overseas sounds like fun!

I'll keep you posted on my job hunting!


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sarah the Surfer

Hi, Im Sarah Dobson from New Zealand. Im posting my first blog just to let you peeps know what im upto and where im going. I like to surf the waves and the web. My friends think im quite the "radical" but I just like to chill out and have a good time. Ive finished my nursing degree and looking at travelling abroad, maybe to australia cus thats where the jobs and the surfs at. Would be hard leaving friends and family but I say, theres always more fun round the corner! I guess ill be posting up some cool articles, topics and blogs relating to me and my life. Who knows, you might find it intersting/"radical". So stick around and chilax.